moving centrode

moving centrode
centroida figury
centroida ruchoma

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  • Centrode — in kinematics is the path traced by the instantaneous center of rotation of a rigid plane figure moving in a plane. References Homer D. Eckhardt Kinematic Design of Machines and Mechanisms, McGraw Hill (1998) p. 63 ISBN 0070189536.… …   Wikipedia

  • space centrode — noun The path traced by the instantaneous centre of a rotating three dimensional body moving relative to an inertial frame of reference …   Wiktionary

  • подвижная центроида — moving centrode Геометрическое место, вычерченное на подвижной плоской фигуре мгновенным центром скоростей при плоскопараллельном движении. Шифр IFToMM: 2.3.9 Раздел: СТРУКТУРА МЕХАНИЗМОВ …   Теория механизмов и машин

  • Instant centre of rotation — The instant centre of rotation, also called instantaneous centre , for a plane figure moving in a two dimensional plane is a point in its plane around which all other points on the figure, for one instant, are rotating. This point itself is the… …   Wikipedia

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